Monday, October 14

Shoei X-12 Kagayama 4 Graphic

When I race to work, I really need to race to work. Full Leathers, GP style exhaust, and my
girlfriend is even my umbrella girl while I warm up the engine. Not really, but you can certainly pretend to be a motorcycle racer with the Shoei X-12 Kagayama 4 helmet.

The Shoei X-12 is the helmet of choice for racers and track day enthusiasts. The helmet features the Q.R.S.A. base plate system, 5 shell sizes, and the Aero Edge 2 Spoiler making this high performance helmet the perfect option for anyone looking to go fast around a track. It's no wonder that Yukio Kagayama would want this on his dome. The Kagayama 4 Graphic emblazoned on this helmet falls in line with the white racing stripes and blue background that were a signature to previous Kagayama helmets. The twist in the Shoei X-12 Kagayama 4 is that the side profile of the helmet has a Judgement Day style terminator skull. Hasta la vista, baby.

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