Friday, November 15

A Heavenly Race Suit for Mere Mortals: Spidi Track Wind Pro

The Spidi Track Wind Pro Replica Race Suit is a new offering from Spidi allowing mere mortal riders to look and feel like its Sunday race day at Mugello. If you are a Ducati fan, Dovizioso fan, or LOVE Bright Red (everyone will see you coming) then this suit probably has your name all over it.

The suit is packed with safety features that have been crash tested at the highest levels of racing, don’t worry yours will arrive in pristine condition for you to test yourself. So what do they put in to keep you safe? Lets take a look; CE Certified armor throughout your shoulders, elbows, knees, and…. (you just finished that song in your head). This suit won’t protect your toes but you should be able to find some sweet boots to go with it. The suit is prepped for a Warrior Back Protector as well as a Warrior Chest Protector. Overall, you feel like Ironman ready to take on the track. But with all that armor and protection you want to be comfortable right?

To help keep you comfortable Spidi has strategically placed vents in the upper shoulder, and incorporated a plethora of stretch panels in all the right areas to allow enough movement when on the bike. Additional comfort is found in the neoprene inserts around the neck and wrist. Combine this with a removable mesh liner and you should stay comfortable, yet not stink so bad you scare away the paddock girls.

I know what you’re thinking now, this thing was designed for those little Moto GP guys, will I fit in one? It fits a good range of people, from horse jockeys to your average joes. Those of you who may be carrying a keg around rather than a six pack may have tougher time though.

If you want to look as fast and as cool as your bike, or allways imagine paddock girls swooning over you (or maybe that hot chick who keeps beating your lap time), the Spidi Track Wind Pro Replica Race Suit will do the trick. In all seriousness though, If you are looking for a great suit to keep you in one piece in that unfortunate introduction to the pavement and be stylish as you do it then this will be a great addition to your race gear.

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