Wednesday, November 20

New Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tires

While this particular rubber revolution has been around internationally for quite a few months, it is new to the USA as of today! Michelin's tag line for the new Pilot Street Radial is "Bringing the radial revolution to small and medium-sized bikes." This self-proclaimed declaration is quite accurate, considering the specs, performance, and tire sizes the Pilot Street has to offer.

As the name suggests, the Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tire is, in fact, radial! The overall tread, compound, and concept borrows heavily from the Pilot Road 2 series tires, while packing into a smaller mold. Radial architecture and 100% Silica rubber compounds are difficult to come by for the smaller utility motorcycles, or older standard bikes of the world. Typically, riders of these able-bodied machines have been limited to bias ply choices, or a poorly made radial substitute from an off-brand that doesn't stack up against Michelin's experience and reputation.

While the modern motorcyclist may not notice the impact this tire will have and Michelin will always be committed to staying at the fore-front of rubber technology, this brief foray into older and smaller motorcycles will allow a huge contingent of riders, including those on the new CBR300 or Ninja 300, to discover the benefits of radial tires and allow them to go further, lean harder and ultimately cover more miles.

If this applies to you, check out the tire sizes available below to see if they will fit your ride!

Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tires Rear sizes:

  • 100/70R-17

Michelin Pilot Street Radial Front Tires sizes:

  • 130/70R-17
  • 140/70R-17

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