Tuesday, December 31

Sidi Mag-1 Boots: Step Up Your Game!

In step with their reputation, Sidi is upping the ante with a new boot for 2014! While we haven't received official confirmation yet, we suspect that the Sidi Mag-1 Boots may be a replacement for the long-time track-day champion, the Vortice Boots. What we do know, is how much of a punch (or kick) they pack!

The first thing you'll notice upon taking a step with the Mag-1 Boots is their lightness. Almost 20% lighter than the Vortices, the Sidi Mag-1 weigh in at only 4.4 lbs per boot. For the amount of protection they offer, this is actually quite light. If you're shaving ounces on your speed machine and replacing all the little bits with titanium and carbon fibre, you'll appreciate the difference on your foot.

Although the familiar fishing line closure remains in concept, the fasteners have gotten a major update, using magnets to speed up the adjustment process. If you've owned a pair of Vortices, you'll know that this was a much needed upgrade. The old system had a pension for stealing your hard-earned track time by keeping you in the pits fiddling with your boots all day. Bonus feature? The "fishing line" like straps are now in black, which looks ever so classy.

The hinge and brace system has been moved to the inside of the boot, making the exterior that much more clean, with less moving parts to grab on pegs or grind down on the asphalt.  I think this gives the boots a much nicer look, but regardless of opinion, it will also keep your ankle more protected. Moving the brace to the inside allows it to flex more closely with your movements -- or stop your movements if they go to far (ouch!).

Per usual, all the parts on a Sidi boot are removable and replaceable to keep your boots out-performing for years. The Mag-1 in particular uses recessed screws to keep these replaceable parts functional in a crash. It's the little things that count, right?

Sidi Mag-1 Boots Review:

We think the Mag-1 represents a giant leap forward for Sidi (and for motorcyclist kind) in terms of their design and progressive thinking. They've managed to improve just about every feature on the boot, while also making it more compact, lighter, and cleaner in concept. The Sidi Mag-1 Boots are a win, win, win in our book. How many of these do you suppose we'll be seeing in MotoGP this year?

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