Friday, January 10

Got Your Six: Forcefield Back Protector Pro Kevlar L2 EVO

Everything about a motorcycle is geared to attack from the front. As riders, that is often where the majority of our focus resides as well.  However, with a ten year lineage of top flight performance ingrained into every facet of construction, the Forcefield Back Protector Pro Kevlar L2 EVO is standing guard in the other direction.

Building on the already stellar pedigree of the original Kevlar L2, the new Kevlar L2 EVO takes the Forcefield promise of flexible, breathable, and all around comfortable soft armor to the next level. With the interconnected links of PVC Nitrile materials making up the triangle pattern of construction, the width of the walls taper from the base to the top. This structure is incredibly solid and will serve to provide a robust frame from which to begin.

Additionally, the chemical compounds of the NITREX EVO materials offer a multi-density protection aimed at prolonging the point of complete compaction. When armor reaches this point the greatest amount of energy will be transferred to the body. With the NITREX EVO materials, however, the foam is built to absorb the maximum amount of joules through regulated compression, thus reducing the overall level of kilonewtons to reach the rider in the event of an impact.

The new Forcefield Back Protector Pro Kevlar L2 EVO takes all of this technology and upgrades the overall performance with the tensile strength of Kevlar thread. By utilizing the high cut and abrasion resistance of the Kevlar material, they have boosted the cumulative protective qualities of the armor. When combined with the Repeat Performance Technology characteristics of the NITREX EVO material, this allows for minimal degradation to the functional aspects of the L2 EVO over time.

Looking at the transition from the original L2 to the EVO, the main differences can be seen/felt in the coverage and comfort. The first and most notable advancement can be seen in the extension of the L2K armor further down the tailbone. The advantages of this are simple... more coverage for more protection. However, while adding armor may guard against the dangers of the road, if it is not comfortable, it will nullify its own qualities and become a hindrance to the rider. Ever aware of this facet of design, Forcefield paid special attention the tailbone extension and constructed it so as to allow for proper mobility.

The second noticeable improvement will be felt in the overall ergonomics. As it is constructed out of multiple layers which are stitched together rather than one solid frame, the familiar tug/pull factor is reduced due to the ability of the layers to move across each other. At the same time, this also improves airflow between the back protector and the rider for better ventilation. Forcefeild has utilized this technology on previous iterations, however, the L2 EVO has paid special attention
to improving the functionality of each.

Much the same as its predecessor, both the L2 EVO Men's and Forcefield Women's Back Protector Pro Kevlar L2 Evo will be available. While the protective qualities and materials will remain the same between the two, they will also be designed with the ergonomic differences in mind. Features such as a higher-set waistband, strap placement, and sizing ratios on the Women's version will be aspects that most delineate the two.

Motorcycles do not have reverse. They move forward fast, hard, and with a voracious appetite to consume the tarmac lain before them. While you appease the ravenous cc's by keeping your attention on the road ahead, don't forget to gear up, strap up, and let the Forcefield Pro L2 EVO protect your six.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

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