Friday, January 10

New Joe Rocket R1000X Helmets - SNELL Under $200!


Need to make a statement with your lid? Want to stand out and make people jealous without looking like someone cracked a glow stick on you? Joe Rocket has you covered with their brand new R1000X helmet.

The competition for an entry level kick ass SNELL approved helmet gets better and better each year. Coming in right above the $150 mark, the R1000X is out for blood, with its sights set on Scorpion’s EXO-R410 and HJC’s FG-17.

Comprised of an aerodynamic Polycarbonate Composite shell, the R1000X is proving to be an incredible bang for the buck without compromising safety. Joe Rocket knew temperature control was a primary concern, so they designed two robust forehead intake vents which channel cool air fresh air directly to the EPS. The clever aerodynamics also work to benefit the ventilation. By creating a vast negative pressure behind the helmet, Anthony’s favorite “venturi effect” pulls warm moist air through the exhaust vents integrated within the spoiler.

It goes without saying that you will be a one of a kind with these vibrant color schemes. No need to get a race replica helmet with crazy graphics - the Joe Rocket R1000X Lithium Helmet offers Black/White/Red, Silver/Blue, Red/Yellow, Black/Green (for those of you on a Kawi), and Black/Purple colorways.

Similarly, the Joe Rocket R1000X Blaster Helmet comes in a popping Red/Yellow and Blue/Orange/Yellow, with a toned down Silver and Black colorway if desired. This graphic has a modern cartoon style to it - a trend that has been developing and catching fire lately.

Whether you are looking for a budget friendly helmet, a spare, or a backup for a passenger, the R1000X is going to definitely be worth taking a look at. The market for SNELL rated helmets under $200 continues to grow and Joe Rocket is making sure to get a piece of the pie!

- MelloZillo
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