Friday, January 17

New Cardo G9x: Booms, Jacks, and Music sharing!

The Devil's in the details! When you go to pick up your Bluetooth Headset unit this spring, make sure you know the difference between the Cardo G9 and the new for 2014 Cardo G9x!

While we wouldn't consider this a sequel, there are a few key updates that are worth noting. The Cardo G9x now allows for music sharing from rider to passenger. This has been clamored on for a while considering that Sena beat them to the punch with this feature last year. Basically, this means that you as rider (or passenger) can control the tunes yourself and broadcast your music of choice to your buddy, whether in the seat next to you or a few hundred meters away on their own bike. This comes especially in handy when purchasing a Cardo G9x Powerset since it's kinda hard to share by yourself!

Update number two comes in the form of the speaker jack. Customization is key and quickly becoming a commodity with Bluetooth communication. Being able to switch out speakers for ease of wiring, or a custom solution is important for many riders. The G9x unit allows the speakers to be easily detached for whatever reasons you are creative enough to cook up.

Last but not least, the G9x made the switch to Hybrid microphones. One of the last in the current family to make the switch, a "Hybrid" microphone starts out with a wire and turns into a mountable boom after a few inches. This means no more bending and twisting to get your boom under the chin bar. Simply use the flexible wire portion to mount the boom portion on the inside for a more streamline installation. Not your thing? It still comes with the basic corded mic too -- never fear.

Bluetooth tech has come a long way in the past 5 years and we can't imagine how far it has to go in the next 5. The Scala Rider G9 has been an impressive addition to the Cardo stable since its inception, but why stop there? Make it better.

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