Thursday, January 23

Cardo Scala Rider Qz: Silence is Golden!

I can't tell you how many times a customer has asked me what to buy if they don't want to talk to anyone. The conversation goes something like this

"When I ride, I want to relax, enjoy the landscape, and be alone with my thoughts for a while, not to be distracted by everyone talking to me. I don't need an intercom, I just want to listen to music and be able to make an outgoing call in an emergency. What should I get?"

While the world of bluetooth headsets continues to offer increasing functionality, better range, more features, bigger group conversations, and voice recognition name dialing, they have not until now offered a simple solution to getting tunes in your helmet without all the bells and whistles.

The Cardo Qz Bluetooth Headset changes things. Instead of spending north of $200 for features you don't need and will never use, how about saving about $100 of those hard earned bills and getting exactly what you need -- no more, no less? The Scala Rider Qz keeps it simple with these basic features and they've even made the button interface simpler!

  • MP3/iPod Music streaming with Stereo Bluetooth
  • Smartphone or GPS integration with one-touch Hot-Dial number
  • VOX activation for all commands
Easy enough, right? Next time you want to tune out the world and be one with your machine, take the Qz Headset with you. Passing riders won't be able to chime into your thoughts, your buddy won't be able to stream his music to your helmet, your pillion will be reduced hand-signals, and you won't be able to listen to the ride leader's monologue as you pass every historic milestone. 

Why didn't someone think of this earlier?

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