Wednesday, January 29

TCX X-Rap Gore-Tex: Shoes for Motorcyclists

You may remember the TCX X-Rap Shoes released Fall '13. You may have bought a pair. You may have stepped in a puddle and wished they were more waterproof. If this is you, TCX is your genie in a bottle. If you've never heard of the X-Rap, then you are in for a treat!

Rising quickly through the ranks from manufacturers like Sidi, Dainese, REV'IT!, and TCX, fashionably urban moto shoes have struck a new chord, challenging the typical leather boot to step outside of itself and take some risk. Gone are the days of the monotone lug-sole leather mid-calf boot with a single zip running up the side. Whoever first posed the question should be given a crown and a medal: "Where can I find a pair of motorcycle shoes that don't look like the wild west or Star Wars?".

In order for this question to be successfully answered, two criteria must be met. Sacrificing protection is not an option and this must be achieved in a subtle package. Watching all these boot and apparel brands come to this conclusion has been refreshing, but when it comes to casual shoes, I think TCX is most on the money. Subtle branding, un-yielding style, and consistent protection round out every model.

This Spring, TCX adds a Gore-Tex option to the X-rap Shoes, giving them even more function than before. At this rate, why bother buying Sketchers or Dockers any more? Motorcycle shoes last longer, look cooler, protect better, and this one is guaranteed waterproof! Of course, if one were to follow that train of thought to its logical conclusion, we would all be walking the streets with Rukka Armas jackets and Alpinestars Track pants "just in case".  I digress... The TCX X-Rap Gore-Tex Shoes are guaranteed to keep you dry and like all TCX, come with ankle, toe, heel, and flexible sole protection.

Perhaps one day when electric motorcycles are stocked at your local pharmacy and tires are shipped via drone from your local Home Depot, everyone will be able to walk into a Walmart and pick up a pair of shoes as cool as these. Until then ... RevZilla's got you covered. Luckily, you are safe for now, because only motorcyclists get to wear gear this cool.

- ckZilla
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