Wednesday, January 1

REV'IT! Ginza, Mohawk, and Rodeo: Walk Wild!

We now turn our attention to the American West, where violence and chaos was grossly exaggerated by popular culture. It turns out that not everyone died in a duel at high-noon. Everyone did, however, wear awesome boots.  In the spirit of a historical period they had little involvement in, REV’IT releases three new boots - the Mohawk, the Rodeo, and the Ginza. And now, onwards to make our destiny manifest!

Punk hairstyle? Native American Tribe? Cultural insensitivity? Perhaps all three!  First on our list are the REV'IT! Mohawk Boots.  Proclaimed by REV’IT as the “absolute number one model from the urban footwear line up,” it’s hard to disagree.  Made from a full grain water resistant cowhide, the Mohawk will be your go to boot for all types of weather.  With the obligatory protection in the form of a heel cup, toe box, and anti torsion sole, the Mohawk will not only keep you dry - it’ll keep you walking.  A mesh inner lining will prevent your feet from suffocating, and anatomically correct ankle support will ensure comfort.  They’re (nearly) waterproof.  They come in your favorite color (as long as it’s brown).  They’re stylish.  They’re protective.  They’re the Mohawk Boots from REV’IT!

REV'IT! Mohawk Boots Review:

Rodeo? Roh-day-oh? I don’t know whether to yeehaw or to spend my inheritance on expensive handbags. Luckily, if you’re wearing the REV'IT! Rodeo (roh-day-oh) boots, you can get away with either!  One half vintage charm, one half iconic fashion, all moto!  While math isn’t my strong suit, having an eye for quality boots certainly is.  There isn’t much to be said for the Rodeo, mostly because nothing needs to be said.  Obligatory moto protection, combined with a classic style makes for a boot that speaks for itself.

REV'IT! Rodeo Boots Review:

Finally we have the REV'IT! Ginza. It uses the same Apache batido cowhide as the Rodeo and other REV’IT boots, but with a distressed finish. It uses the same armor as the rest of the new REV’IT line, as well as the same sole. The leather itself is water repellent (not waterproof or water resistant), so the odd puddle splash or light drizzle should be no problem.  It brings a rugged look to the table and will satisfy the rider who doesn’t want to get his boots dirty but wants to look like he got his boots dirty (we all know one of them).

REV'IT! Ginza Boots Review:

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