Wednesday, January 1

REV'IT! Stelvio and Turini, Italian Road Trippers

Twisting mountain passes, steep slopes, sharp turns - you’ll get all of them when you buy one of REV’IT’s new urban riding sneakers.  Okay, so you don’t actually get to go on a road trip through the Italian Alps, but these boots will certainly give you the confidence to lie about it with swagger.  With an emphasis on practicality, fashion, and protection - REV’IT's new riding shoes, the Turini and the Stelvio, will not disappoint.

The Col de Turini may be one of the most beautiful roads in the French Alps, but even it won’t compare to the beauty of the REV'IT! Turini Shoe.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but really - these boots are good-looking. A combination of nubuck leather and waxed suede make for a package that is a pleasure to look at.  Don’t let its name fool you though, the Turini is not meant for carving up mountain roads. To quote REV’IT, they “look like sneakers, walk like sneakers, but still offer that extra protection that is required for motorcycling.” The obligatory heel cup, toe cap, and anti torsion sole is much much better than your old pair of Vans, but don’t expect to be walking away from that tussle with an SUV’s bumper unscathed.  For those who err on the side of caution, but don’t want to look like a Power Ranger, these are the boots for you. No waterproof lining prevents these from having much variability in the weather, but I wouldn’t want to get these beauties wet anyway.

REV'IT! Turini Shoes Review:

Next comes the REV'IT! Stelvio Shoe, named after the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Protection wise, the Stelvio is identical to the Turini save for slightly higher ankle coverage. Same waxed waxed suede, but this time the nubuck leather is perforated. This, along with a 3D air mesh inner lining will make sure your feet can breathe and stay dry. Out of the two, the Stelvios will be better suited for warm weather riding. Top Gear recognized the Stelvio Pass as one of the greatest driving roads in the world, and while I’d be hesitant to ride the Swiss Alps with these boots, I’d be more than happy to cruise around town in style and safety.

REV'IT! Stelvio Shoes Review:

Not everyone wants to dress like the Stig every day on their bike. While race protection on the street would be great, most people don’t like the judgemental looks leather onesies get around the office.  To each his own.  For the discerning rider who doesn’t want to ride naked, but also doesn’t want his friends to think he is going to fight crime after lunch, REV’IT comes to rescue!

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