Wednesday, January 15

Rumble in the Alley: Speed & Strength Leather Jacket Launch

Does your bike’s rumble shake small countries, your helmet have a bug smear graphic, and your clothing smell of exhaust? If so, you may need reevaluate your morals, or live life like a certified bad ass and take a look at Speed and Strength’s new leather jacket line.

As if the name did not give it away, the Speed & Strength Jesse Rooke Custom Leather jacket is the perfect fit for the rider looking to make a statement, but not look like they are wearing a technical motorcycle jacket. Made from a premium brown tanned cowhide, this is going to be the perfect jacket if you are on a cruiser, chopper, or vintage ride. With perforated panels along the arms and a removable vest liner, this jacket is going to be a very versatile leather jacket.

Speed & Strength Rooke Custom Leather Jacket Review:

If ‘Murica runs in your veins, you may want to look at the “Bikes are in my Blood” leather jacket. Conceptually very similar to the Rooke Customs, the Speed and Strength Bikes Are In My Blood Leather Jacket is made of a full black leather construction with the same insulated vest liner and perforated arm panels. If you take a closer look though, you may see some hints of American flare...

Speed and Strength Bikes Are In My Blood Leather Jacket Review:

Don’t worry! S&S did not leave out the sport riders. The Top Dead Center is getting a big brother with a perforated leather version this year - a bound to be favorite among many. Available in a blue, red, or black color, the Speed and Strength Top Dead Center Leather Jacket boasts a unique asymmetrical design which will definitely stand out in the crowd of growing riders. Like the prior two models, the TDC also comes with an insulated vest liner for the cooler days.

Speed and Strength Top Dead Center Leather Jacket Review:

Whether you prefer the old-school style afforded by the S&S Rooke linup, if bikes are in your Blood, or if you gravitate towards the louder style found in the Top Dead Center collection, all three of these jackets come with CE certified shoulder, elbow, and back armor - a huge plus considering the cost of upgrading the protection. These models are going to offer all of the protective benefits of leather, but will have some good versatility on those warmer days and cooler nights with their perforation and removable thermal elements. All in all, it is difficult to argue with S&S’s new offerings - style with the full protective benefits of leather - how could you go wrong?

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