Wednesday, January 15

New Speed & Strength SS600 Graphics - Filling a Niche Market

It is hard to deny that Speed & Strength is going after a specific customer base with their SS600 helmets. For years, the vintage-styled three-quarters helmet has been the calling card of a very particular group of riders. Choice of bike is not that important, since these vintage-look bikers can be found on anything from custom cruisers to ratted-out cafe bikes. Speed & Strength has long been catering to this demographic with their SS600 helmet, and now they have come out with four new graphics.

First up is something for the rider on a custom cruiser, chopper, or show queen: the new Speed & Strength SS600 Rooke 2 Stroke Helmet. Bike fabricator Jesse Rooke has been in the limelight since 2002 and has made a name for himself by standing out from the sea of cookie-cutter customs. His designs may be polarizing, but they are intended to showcase something new and different. In partnering with Speed & Strength, they have created a 70s-style Black, Red, and Gold helmet with a matte finish.

Between snow-capped Rocky Mountains, golden Pacific Coasts, northeastern forests and shore lines, and amber fields of grain, there sure is a lot of natural beauty in the US. I wonder if this was the inspiration behind naming one SS600 graphic the American Beauty? Maybe the team responsible for naming products is a fan of Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening. Regardless of where the name draws its inspiration from, this graphic aimed towards female riders is refreshingly simple. The Speed & Strength SS600 American Beauty has a restrained design on the front of the helmet, some branding on each side, and best off all Speed & Strength has resisted the urge to paint it hot pink.

Speed & Strength SS600 American Beauty Helmet Review:

Next up is the Restomod graphic, which would be a good match for any bike that is not *quite* finished yet, or is gaining a vintage patina. The graphic design is a simple White and Gold stripe on a Matte Black base color. The helmet is made to look distressed with the addition of silver “scratches” that are painted over the entire helmet. A Speed & Strength SS600 Restomod helmet for your restomod project; now that is a great pairing.

Speed & Strength SS600 Restomod Helmet Review:

Last but not least is the most subdued new graphic for the SS600 line: the Speed Metal. This graphic is a metal flake paint finish available in Gold, Orange, Red, and Black. There are no changes to the Speed & Strength SS600 Speed Metal helmet, which still uses a Thermo-Plastic Alloy shell, a quilted inner liner, has two brow and exhaust vents, and has five snaps for attaching shields and visors.

Speed & Strength SS600 Speed Metal Helmet Review:

Sometimes looking the part is just as important as playing the part. For 2014, Speed & Strength have refreshed their SS600 helmet line so it is now easier than ever to pull off that vintage-style look.

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