Wednesday, January 15

Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Jacket & Gloves: On the Radar

3 … 2 … 1 …

And with that the earth shakes, at zero they rise,
For today is the day that the Cruise Missile flies,
With Speed unsurpassed and Strength without equal,
They are coming your way like the Independence Day sequel, 
Moving hot on your six with a payload to deliver,
They arrive with an attitude that makes enemies shiver,
So gear up in the saddle grab the throttle and take hold,
Of a jacket/glove combo that is fit to behold…

Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Jacket

Strapped up and ready the first strike set to go,
Is the Cruise Missile Jacket that is not just for show,
CE armor to protect in the shoulders, elbows and back,
Should your trajectory become compromised and wobble off track,
Insulation through the vest that can be removed in the heat,
So you can navigate your two wheeled rocket with a seat,
There’s reflective trim at the neck and microfiber at the cuff,
And concealed carry pocket should your journey become rough…

Speed & Strength Cruise Missile Jacket Review:

Next comes the wallop an ordnance with punch,
The Cruise Missile glove that’s the best of the bunch,
A frame made of leather comfortably tailored and strong,
For the path to be blazed when arduously long,
High-density padding for a high-intensity ride,
And gel pads at the palm if it should end in a slide,
They are sleek, they are smooth, they don’t skimp on the style,
For the rider who moves like a ballistic projectile,

Speed & Strength Cruise Missile Gloves Review:

As the spring season is upon us and new gear abounds
As we unabashedly daydream of our bikes and their sounds,
As we yell at the windy winter weather “be gone!”,
As the muck and the mire and the misery move on,
As the warmth of the sun greets us like an old friend,
As we long for miles of open highway without end,
Speed and Strength has us ready for every turn in the road,
And their Cruise Missile line is poised to explode!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

-- T-3
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