Friday, February 21

Icon Spaztyk Collection 2014 - New Hotnezz for Spryng!

Muscle disorders be damned. Icon's new Spaztyk collection iz freakyn' dope. Don't let the misspelling fool you, the Spaztyk graphics and designs gussy up Icon's Airmada and Hooligan Street jersey.

Icon Airmada Spaztyk Helmet Review:

The Icon Airmada Spaztyk is metallic flake fury at its finest. The Icon Airmada helmet is the perfect platform for the glittery Spaztyk graphics. This ain't your 1970s metallic flake. Sharp lines flash through black negative space. In the right conditions, sunlight reflecting off of the metallic flake may cause seizures and actual spasms (totally joking). All this glitter comes in green, blue, and gold.

Icon Hooligan Spaztyk Street Jersey Review:

The Icon Hooligan Spaztyk Street jersey designed for warm weather riding with its Fighter Mesh chassis and zip-off sleeves. D3O armor at the elbows, shoulder, and back provide impact protection in case of a spill. The zig zagging lines carry over from the Icon Airmada Spaztyk graphics. The Hooligan Spaztyk Street Jersey also comes as the Icon Women's Hooligan Spaztyk version in case you and your significant other want to be "that couple."

Icon Women's Hooligan Spaztyk Street Jersey Review:

Don't be a spaz. The new Spaztyk graphics and designs adorn Icon's principal gear, the Airmada and Hooligan Street jersey.

- SantoZilla
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