Friday, February 21

New Icon Crushers: Sanctuary Jacket & Gloves

Your bike is your home and if you are lucky, you can be one with it all year round. Us in Philly on the other hand, are suffering from withdrawals no thanks to the the recent snowfall. Nonetheless, when you finally are riding in the summer and can’t stand the heat, protection should not be a compromise. Fortunately, Icon crushed it this year with their Sanctuary Jacket and Gloves; gear meant to protect in even the warmest of climates.

Icon gets it. Motorcycling is best  in the warm weather, but it is difficult to stay protected and cool when temperatures start creeping above 80. The Icon Sanctuary Jacket is your salvation. Offering the perfect mix of 1.2-1.4mm cowhide, perforated leather panels, strategically placed mesh panels, and venting cuffs, this jacket is the best leather option for warm weather riding. Icon is debuting the Sanctuary with seven color options; Grey, Green, Stealth Black, Red, White, Blue, and our favorite, a Hi-Vis Yellow. Available from SM-5XL, Icon covered the bases from a sizing standpoint. Did I mention that this jacket also comes with a full onslaught of D3O?

Icon Sanctuary Jacket Review:

To match the jacket, the Icon Sanctuary Gloves step in with an incredibly well vented design. Icon is utilizing mesh in areas of high airflow, but abrasion resistant synthetic suede and goatskin in the palm for ample protection. The Sanctuary will be available in a no frills Stealth Black, racing Red, gotta-have-it Green, and cool Blue. Equipped with hard armor to protect against impact, but a short cuff to work seamlessly with the Sanctuary jacket, the Sanctuary glove will be a great addition to your summer riding arsenal.

Icon Sanctuary Gloves Review:

Just when you lost hope in wearing leather during the Summer, Icon beats the rest to it. Mixing leather in critical impact areas, armor where you need it, and allowed airflow for comfort, this jacket is one of a few. Having gloves to match never hurts, especially if your current gloves are too tough to deal with in the summer heat.

- MelloZillo
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