Friday, February 21

That's Some Hard Luck, Icon!

So many aspects of daily life are hard. Most of us have work to do, bills to pay, and errands to run. These are just daily inconveniences though for those of us who ride motorcycles; we have more pressing concerns. We have to worry about inexperienced adolescents more concerned with what’s new on Twitter than what is on the road in front of them. We have to worry about drunk drivers going home from the bars on Friday and Saturday nights. And of course we cannot forget to mention Bambi and all of her woodland friends who seem intent on crossing the road whenever a rider is in a blind corner. To put it bluntly, we are surrounded by things trying to kill us.

As riders, if we are not well protected, the odds are not looking good. Icon knows this and is now giving riders a good luck charm with their Variant Hardluck. The Icon Variant Hard Luck Helmet is a new graphic option for the urban-assault Variant helmet. Structurally there are no changes, so you still get a Fiberglass/ Dyneema/Carbon matrix shell, with a removable Hydra-Dry moisture wicking liner and Anti-Fog faceshield. The graphic is laid over the Construct shell, so the weave of the shell materials is visible through the graphic.

Icon Variant Hard Luck Helmet:

13 is your new lucky number as you tempt fate commuting through the urban sprawl, and purple is the color of choice to make you more visible to Lady Luck as you cheat death.

- Flip Zwicki
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