Friday, February 21

Icon Airmada Ravenous: Take Flight!

Come gather round bikers, come gather round quick,
For a riveting tale of a helmet with kick,
Poetically woven with a RevZillian twist,
The Ravenous legend will give rise through the mist,
From our minds to the page, and the page to your mind,
Sit back and relax, read on and unwind,
As up high in the sky where the mystical thrive,
Flies a marvelous menace just waiting to dive…

Dark blue as the ice within Boreas’ beard,
And fast as the flight of Zeus’ lightning so feared,
The red eye on the Raven like the eye of a storm,
Watches out, blazes forth, like a sign to forworn,
All others around, all others in sight,
As it speeds to the brink and obliterates the plight,
Of bracketed boredom, of the seldomly shaken,
Ties that bind down the average road taken…

It is not for the meek, nor the slow, nor the lame,
It is not for the masses wanting more of the same,
It is not for the middle, the standard, the norm,
It is not for the place where the multitudes swarm…

It IS for the rider who’s wickedly sleek,
Whose razor sharp style the outliers seek,
Whose fiendishly forward and without regress.
Who dares don the Icon Airmada Ravenous?

Icon Airmada Ravenous Helmet Review:

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

- Tony Juice
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