Friday, February 21

New Icon Airmada Helmets, As Luck Would Have It!

What if I told you that everything you know about motorcycle helmets has been a lie?  There is no spoon.  Why oh why didn’t you take the blue pill?  How many more Matrix jokes can I fit into this blog post?  Sit tight and you’ll find out.  If Trinity was smart and wore a helmet on that Ducati, it would have been the Icon Airmada BioSkull.  Mixing man and machine isn’t always pretty, but it sure is bad ass.  Let’s just hope Icon is better at making sequels than the Wachowski Brothers.  One part man, one part machine - Icon strikes again with the Airmada BioSkull graphic.

Icon Airmada Bioskull Helmet Review:

Chantilly is a village in France famous for the manufacturing of lace.  The same is not true for our friends over at Icon.  Bringing a touch of class to the otherwise anarchic line of helmet graphics, Icon cleans up pretty well.  Classy, however, does not mean bland.  The Icon Airmada Chantilly is busy with detailed and artistic pen-and-ink inspired style.  For those with discerning taste and a flamboyant attitude, there’s the Airmada Chantilly graphic.

Icon Airmada Chantilly Helmet Review:

Always look on the bright side of life.  You’re tired of hearing that, aren’t you?  Embrace your bad fortune!  Rent a room on the 13th floor.  Walk under a ladder.  Get a haircut on Friday the 13th.  Let a black cat cross your path.  If laughing in the face of danger and scoffing at cautionary tales is your cup of tea, make sure to pick up the Icon Airmada Hard Luck graphic on your way home from smashing mirrors.  This isn’t for the superstitious or the triskaidekaphobic.  Tread lightly.

Icon Airmada Hard Luck Helmet Review:

With the average skill level of automobile drivers these days, riders need all the luck they can get.  If you’ve always avoided ladders, black cats, and broken mirrors, Icon has made a helmet just for you.  It’s called the Icon Airmada LuckyTime Helmet, and while it won’t prevent you from crashing, it’s sure to keep your superstitions at bay.

Icon Airmada Lucky Time Helmet Review:

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