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Induction in the Klim Family

As I wrote this article, the Northeastern United States was hit with a snowstorm that dumped over a foot of snow in some areas, and now we are experiencing yet another bitter cold front. This seems like an odd time to be introducing a new mesh riding jacket, but you’ll be wishing for those cold drafts through your jacket in just a few short months - Trust us!

Klim is starting to change its public perception, and they want more recognition amongst the sport-touring and on-road ADV rider crowd. For years Klim has been known for making hard core and very technical outer shells for off-road riding. Made from the toughest materials, Klim off-road shells are box-cut and long because they are meant to be worn over armor jackets and harnesses.

Klim Induction Jacket Review:

Creating a product for on-road use requires focusing on different priorities, which is why the Klim Induction Jacket has a more slimmed-down and tapered fit. Maintaining Klim’s reputation for toughness, the Induction is made from 840D Karbonite Mesh material in the impact areas, and is held together with Rhino Stitching. The Karbonite Mesh is Klim’s proprietary, military-derived mesh construction for abrasion resistance and the Rhino Thread that holds it together is another proprietary material that is some of the strongest thread I have come across. Don’t try and break a strand with your bare hands if you are fond of keeping your fingers!

The big news here is the mesh construction and the rest of the jacket is what we have come to expect from Klim. The Induction comes with D3O armor in the elbows, shoulder, and back, and it is all CE-Level 1 rated. The back protector is the same shape as the Klim D3O Viper T5 Pro Back Protector, so back protection can easily be upgraded to CE-Level 2.

The Induction also ships with a removable proprietary waterproof liner for those sudden summer downpours. Incorporating 3M Reflective material for safety, the Induction jacket is held together with YKK zippers. Adjustability comes in the form of hip adjusters and Velcro straps on the forearms.

Not only is the Induction Klim’s first jacket with a slimmer, more on-road style fit, it is also the entry into Klim’s on-road gear. The next step up from this jacket is the Overland, since the similar priced Traverse has no included padding and is just a shell meant to be worn over armored shirts. This may be the “entry-level” Klim jacket, but it was certainly not built down to a price. The Induction may cost almost twice as much as some of its main competitors, but you get what you pay for: a hard core, technical mesh jacket made tough enough for off-roading, but designed to fit on-road riders.

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