Tuesday, March 25

Moose Racing Expedition Cases: Sticker Storage for Pros!

CK Zilla - ZLAmbassador
Sticker shock is a serious problem in the motorcycle business. Sometimes you just have so many stickers, you don't know where to put them all! You've got your manufacturer stickers, your riding gear stickers, destination achievement stickers, any custom stickers specific to you and yours, plus a bit of reflective sticky tape to keep you visible. See what I mean? Sticker shock!

Thankfully, those of us that use touring cases have a solution to this common malady! The Moose Expedition Top Case and Side Cases have up to 46 liters of sticker space per box. Constructed from durable 1.5mm thick aluminum, this innovative display of real estate will keep your sticker canvas in top condition for many miles.

I suppose we should mention, that you can also store things inside? If you prefer (for some strange reason) to keep your stickers inside the box, you can secure them via the stainless steel latch, or lock them down with an option tumbler-style key insert. The Moose Expedition Side Cases mimic the sturdy construction of the top case and match perfectly, assuming you have choreographed your stickers correctly! Moose Racing offers these cases in Silver or Black; made in the US of A.

If you pick up a set of cases, don't forget to do your homework and snag the mounting hardware to go with it! The best part about this whole thing? When you order one, we'll send you more RevZilla stickers in the box!

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