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Vance & Hines FuelPak 3: Revolutionizing Fuel Management for Harley

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Sometimes it's the little things that count! Gone are the days of wiring your bike up to a PC, messing with endless spreadsheets and tuning maps, and wasted time when you should be riding. Catching up to the user friendly world of today's technology, the Vance & Hines FuelPak 3 for Harley allows you to flash tune on the go with little to no experience or tweak the details for those that care about every last drop.

The first thing you'll notice is the single connector coming out of the module. How do you install it? Plug it in. That's it. Just find your data port and "click", you're set. Once the Fuelpak 3 lights up, you'll be able to communicate with it via bluetooth from your iPhone or Android Smartphone. From there, you can download pre-configured maps and flash your ECM and be done with it, or you can turn on the auto-tune feature and track live data from your phone as you go.

Let Lemmy 'splain it to ya!

Vance and Hines Fuelpak 3 Review:

The beauty of the system lies in the flexibility it offers, you can tinker as much or as little as your heart desires. If you've got a Harley and haven't tweaked it, the FP3 will give you easy access to instant power and performance. If you've got a Harley and have swapped out exhaust, airbox, or anything else that would affect the Air/Fuel mix, the Vance & Hines FP3 will allow you to adjust your ECM to match the hardware changes so you don't run super lean. Give your bike the fuel it thirsts for!

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