Tuesday, April 29

American Kargo Backpacks - Technical Gear with a Wild Streak

Technical luggage has been, up until this point, very plain. It is normally available in any color you’d like as long as that color is black. U.S.-based American Kargo has just released a line of backpacks that breaks the mold. Their Commuter and Trooper packs are meant to help you and your bike conquer miles without trepidation. Both packs have AK’s adjustable butterfly harness to cinch the pack down to your chest and back to distribute its weight more evenly and help reduce fatigue.

The brightly colored gear will definitely look more at home on Travis Pastrana and crew than on Ewan and Charlie the next time they take the long way. Don’t take the fun looks to mean this isn’t serious gear, however. Tool and laptop compartments, as well as purpose-built connection points and zips, make these backpacks useful instruments.

The American Kargo Commuter is perfect for riders who are tired of having that old bookbag dragging their shoulders down on the way to class or work. It’s got enough room for your daily load-out or a weekend road trip. The American Kargo Trooper is the big brother to the Commuter. It has enough room to cover you for weeks at a time. Tackle states, countries, or potentially continents at a time with this badass and get noticed while you’re doing it. Each are equipped with plenty of retro-reflective surface area and are even available in a Hi-Viz color

As the new kid on the block, American Kargo definitely has the right stuff to play with the established brands. It looks a whole lot more interesting, too.

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