Monday, May 5

Don't become a Statistic! New Icon Airframe Graphic.

Don’t become a statisti . . . nah, that joke is too easy.  We’re better than that.  Right?

You’d think a helmet plastered with crash metrics would be a bad idea - reminding you and your loved ones how dangerous motorcycles are.  That might be true.  But if you put the Airframe Statistic on and listen closely, you can hear Icon laughing in the face of bad ideas.  Muahahaha!  If gallows humor is your bag, now you can remind all your skid-lid wearing friends that 34.6% of all motorcycle crashes wind up offering involuntary chin-reduction surgery.  You don’t even have to memorize any numbers.  It’s all written on the chin bar that they don’t have.

Icon has a penchant for unique designs and slick looking graphics - the Statistic is no different.  Besides the Danger Zone (think Kenny Loggins) markings, this Airframe has a “black construct” finish.  It’s much more than just a matte paint job.  Look closely.  It’s a dark, sinister take on Icon’s other “construct” lids - which come in both Airframe and Variant Construct flavors.  With words like “temporal” skulking behind the crash statistics, you’ll be reminded just how much your helmet is protecting you.  If Icon’s mission was to make a stylish advertisement for the 1981 Hurt Report, we think they did a good job.  Hopefully the Hurt Report will cease to be a minor footnote in moto history. Hopefully there’s a new study done with modern motorcycles, modern gear, and modern bikers. Hopefully it’s called the “Hurt?  No, But How’s My Bike? Report.”

If the Icon Airmada Statistic Helmet is going to do anything besides save your skull, it’ll stir up some conversation.

“Hey, what’s with all the numbers?”

“Oh, these?  I was a statistics major.  You know correlation doesn’t mean causation, right?”

Hopefully those conversations will be few and far between, but you may get high fives from ATGATT disciples and dismissive glares from brain bucket wearers.  Either way you’re guaranteed to get some attention.  That’s why you bought an Icon helmet in the first place, right?

Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet Review:

Underneath all the graphics and all the style, Icon is still offering a solidly built helmet.  It’s just the tried-and-true Airframe with another facelift.  Do you think they should fire their plastic surgeon?

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