Friday, July 25

Speed and Strength: Killer Queen Collection

The Speed and Strength Killer Queen collection by Speed and Strength brings a cool, retro style to protective gear for the modern woman rider. Whether you’re riding a cruiser or sportbike, these two will encourage every woman to gear up for the ride. 

First up is the Speed and Strength Killer Queen Vest. With its C.E.-approved spine protector and flex form construction, you not only get protection, but also comfort in riding position. The Velcro waist straps provide adjustment for a flexible waist fit. And, you even have shoulder adjustments to dial down the fit in that area. Speed & Strength Killer Queen Vest Review:

Next are the Speed and Strength Killer Queen Jeans, perfect for a night out on the town with a casual look and style. Skinny jeans are in, so why not have a pair for riding too? With removable knee armor and Kevlar fiber thread reinforcements in the seat and knees, these jeans provide a little more protection than your department store jeans. The fit is made for riding position, so they’re comfortable on the bike, but they will look amazing off the bike. With a super skinny fit, these jeans will hug you a little closer than other riding jeans.

Whether it is gearing heavily for more aggressive rides with the Killer Queen Armored Vest or styling up for a night on the town with the Killer Queen Jeans, Speed and Strength has developed a line for the focused female motorcyclists.

- Joanne

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