Monday, August 25

AGV K3 SV Helmet: Built From the Best

Why was the Karate Kid so good? The answer is simple really. It is because he learned from the best! The same concept holds true with the AGV K3 SV.

AGV K-3 SV Motorcycle HelmetDrawing upon much of the information gleaned in the conceptualization, development, and construction of the AGV Pista GP Helmet and AGV Corsa Helmet the new K3 SV brings a unique experience to the roads of the world at a starting price point of $199.95. By utilizing the DNA of two of the most premium helmets on the planet, AGV is offering an extremely high bang-for-your-buck value in an option that is rich in features and DOT / ECE 22.05-certified for safety. At the same time, this lid comes in four EPS sizes with a well-padded top liner that serves to increase overall comfort. AGV has also utilized the Finite Elements Method of analysis on the outer shell for a more tailored fit, as well as a wind-tunnel-tested Integrated Ventilation System that will move large amounts of air.

As with any great champion, AGV knows what it takes to stand at the top of their game. It is not something that is handed out freely. It is not naturally bestowed upon anyone. It is earned through time. It is this experience that has lead to the creation of the K3 SV and the technologies that make it such a great value.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride.

- Juice
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