Friday, August 22

Icon Variant Thriller Helmet: The Uncivilized Within

Who is your internal self? It’s a question worth asking. No matter what our outward appearance or the requirements that we face to fit in with “civilized society,” who we are within is the key. Perhaps you are a sophisticated, well-to-do royal who likes tea and caviar. Maybe you are a kangaroo who likes to hop around and play in the dirt. The possibilities are as endless as stars in the night sky.

Icon Variant Thriller Motorcycle HelmetIf, by chance, your inner self happens to be a wild, raging, veracious night beast who crushes skulls and slobbers over everything in sight… then the Icon Variant Thriller Helmet is made for you. As it is built upon the blueprint of the highly popular Icon Variant Helmet, this graphic comes to life at night with glow in the dark styling and a full moon theme to match. For the times when you are not driving by the light of the moon (and your headlights of course), this lid also ships with a Dark Smoke shield that adds to the mystique and compliments the wild streak within.

Icon Variant Thriller Helmet Review:

If you are looking for a standout street helmet with a graphic that speaks to the ravenous animal within, then look no further than the Icon Thriller Variant.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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