Friday, August 22

Icon Airmada Graphics: Unapologetically Unusual

Well, for anyone who knows Icon you know how they do… loud, vibrant, in your face design. They are unapologetic and unbridled in their exuberance for such things. They are committed to what they do and are definitely not averse to going out on the proverbial limb.

Icon Airmada Elemental Motorcycle HelmetThe new Icon Airmada Elemental Helmet takes two of the most powerful forces on the planet and has them compete for shell space on your lid. As part of the five foundational elements (some would argue four, but we are going with Aristotle’s interpretation here), both water and fire are key players in Earth’s story and can certainly be a big part of yours as well. With the right-hand side of the helmet displayed as a churning surf and the left-hand side being that of an inferno, the competition clashes right down the middle for a balanced look and wild swirling effect.

Icon Airmada Elemental Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Sugar Motorcycle HelmetWho doesn’t like sugar? It is delicious. Though with the complete absence of cookies, cupcakes, or candy of any kind it seems Icon had another idea in mind. The Icon Airmada Sugar Helmet prominently displays a wicked entanglement of vines and roses that would be enough to lure anyone towards this lid. Once they are close, the diamond eyes of sorceress lure you further… she seems so nice… oh wait… she is holding a skull… umm… this can’t be good… or maybe it will be… that part is up to you.

Icon Airmada Sugar Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Ganesh Motorcycle Helmet
Quick… a huge, rampaging, foul-tempered elephant is charging you with four arms and a whole lot of sabers… what do you do? If your answer is hop on your dragon, make friends with Ganesh (the elephant) and go on an awesome motorcycle trip, then the new Icon Airmada Ganesh Helmet might just be for you. Lots of color, deep contrast, and controlled chaos are all prominent in this wild lid… if you can handle it.

Icon Airmada Ganesh Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Miscreant Motorcycle HelmetNothing good ever comes from raven skulls and serpents. Like, for real. That is the stuff for real hoodlums. In looking at the Icon Airmada Miscreant Helmet, they leave no question as to the the mindset of the rider within. Even if they did, the bone clenching fists, skulls, and strange creatures throughout kind of make their point. This helmet is as devious as the day is long.

Icon Airmada Miscreant Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Thriller Motorcycle HelmetHowl at the moon and see what happens. You probably haven’t tried. The new Icon Airmada Thriller Helmet understands this and does not shy away. Prominently displayed on the back, the full moon casts its mystique like a spotlight of creepy magic. With the ravenous night-animal on the prowl, slobber and rage flowing in all directions, this helmet is for the rider who is not afraid to bite back.

Icon Airmada Thriller Helmet Review:

That is Icon. They make graphics that can not be missed. If you are a rider of the same ilk, then one of these helmets could very well be for you.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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