Friday, August 22

Icon Overlord Riding Pants: Denim For Days

Denim is cool. It always has been. From movie stars to cowboys to country singers and more, a good pair of jeans definitely stands out. The new Icon Overlord Jeans have kept that at the forefront.

Icon Overlord Motorcycle Riding PantsThese jeans are actually not jeans at all in the traditional sense. They are riding pants through and through and represent the next generation of gear. Built from a sturdy fourteen ounce denim and equipped with Aramid panels in the knee and seat. To go a step further, however, they have also included molded external TPU knee plastics to go along with the D3O impact protectors that are located internally. All of this in a relaxed fit allows for comfort and mobility both on the bike and off.

Icon Overlord Denim Jeans Review:

Searching for the right pair of jeans can be a task. It is a big commitment and the style that is chosen says a lot about the wearer. For people who like octane, lots of cc’s, and the feel of accelerating through the apex, the Overlord Riding Pants are for you.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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