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Dainese Racing D1 Women's Jacket: Leather for the Road

Dainese has always given women the best choices when it comes to motorcycle gear. Top-of-the-line leather, premium materials with a flattering fit are part of Dainese’s style. Although their specialty isn’t casual, high-end fashion, they certainly know how to help us be safe and look beautiful at the same time. This time, however, they’ve gone in a slightly different direction, and I’m rather torn about the results.

As always, Dainese includes proper C.E. and E.N.-rated shoulder and elbow armor, as well as a pocket to upgrade your back protector to their “Wave G.” A three-quarter zipper is also included so you can fully connect to your favorite Dainese pants.

The new Dainese Women's Racing D1 Leather Jacket is going to offer street riders an interesting option as they take on the roads of the world. An interesting aspect will be that it is going to start all the way down at Euro 38, which is approximately a U.S. women’s 0. Given that it has a slightly narrower fit, this should give very petite women another option in what is usually a very limited choice for women that size. On the other end of the scale, this jacket will also be available up to a Euro 52 (approximately a U.S. women’s 14), one size larger than the previous version. Fit wise, this one is going to be a bit more fitted and narrower through the chest and torso. Not as generous through the bust as the previous version, and definitely a closer fit profile to the next step down, the Laguna Evo.

One thing you’ll find different is the upgraded Tutu (weather-resistant) leather construction. Tutu leather is a bit softer to the touch and gives the jacket a softer look overall. If you’re not a fan of being a walking billboard, then you’ll appreciate the toned-down logos. The lack of micro elastication, co-injected shoulders and elbow treatments makes this a bit more relaxed for street riding and not as aggressive for the track or a supersport riding position.

Dainese Women's Racing D1 Leather Jacket Review:

Another aspect that makes this jacket stand out from the rest is that a perforated version is available! (*cheers*clapping*) Perforated leather is not easy to find in the world of leather women’s motorcycle jackets. The Dainese Women's Racing D1 Perforated Leather Jacket offers an additional option makes it a really unique offering in ladies’ leather.

If you’re looking for the ultimate street leather jacket for summer or spring, then this jacket is for you. If you’d rather have a jacket that works in slightly cooler temperatures, then I’d recommend the Laguna Evo, instead.

For a feminine cut and top-quality leather, few do it better than Dainese and they have looked to step it up even further in for the 2015 Collection. The Ladies Racing D1 Leather Jacket is a great option for anyone looking for a great combination of moto engineering, flattering lines, and sleek style.

- Joanne

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