Friday, August 1

Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex: For Unpathed Waters

Mine is Indiana Jones... Oh, sorry about that... I didn’t even ask the question. Let’s try that again… Who is your favorite explorer of all time? If you are an ardent motorcyclist, you probably have at least one. It is written in our DNA to look for adventure, a good story, or otherwise enlivening experiences of some sort.

Dainese D-Explorer GTX JacketFor those of you still reading, the Dainese D-Explorer Jacket is something that might tickle your fancy. As the Gore-Tex version of the Stormer jacket, there have been many additional features and changes. For example, the chest venting has been increased in volume by over 200 percent, with three different stages of opening, zippered entry, and 3D mesh backing for better circulation of air! From the back, you will be happy to see that the rear vent panel has now doubled in size, is backed by the same 3D mesh lining, and is actually completely removable. Additional upgrades range from improvements in adjustability, to thermo-formed shoulder treatments covered in D-Stone, and the inclusion of Mugello fabric at the elbows and forearms that add to the overall feel of the jacket.

Dainese D-Explorer Jacket Review:

Rounding out your adventure suit is the option of the Dainese D-Explorer Pants, which complement the matching jacket. Showing up as an upgrade to the current Teran D-Dry pants, this new option offers separate, removable thermal and Gore-Tex liners. At the same time, there is the ability to direct-vent twice as much air to the thigh area as there was with the Teran D-Dry pants. With removable composite knee/shin protectors and Pro Shape soft protectors at the hips, all encased within a Mugello/Quick Dry fabric outer shell, these pants offer as much protection from the tarmac as they do from the elements.

Dainese D-Explorer Pants Review:

Have you been thinking about it? The question that is. Who is your favorite explorer? The answer is actually pretty simple. With the Dainese D-Explorer series, it darn well better be you!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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