Friday, August 1

Dainese Super Speed D-Dry Textile Jacket: Doing Things Right

If you are going to do something, it is usually best to do it “super.” Are you a fan of awesome taste and convenience, get a super-sized meal. Like bowls… there is one of those that is pretty darn Super as well. Anyway, you get the point. Super is awesome! The same can be said for the Dainese Super Speed jacket. It rocks.
Dainese Super Speed D-Dry Jacket
New for the Dainese 2015 Collection, this old favorite is getting a new level of functionality as the Dainese Super Speed D-Dry Textile Jacket becomes available. With all of the soul of the original, the new version offers built-in split pockets for the new dual-style Dainese chest protectors, rearranged stitching, and alterations to the reflectivity from the lower to the upper back. Of course, the main difference is the inclusion of the waterproof D-Dry liner. With removable composite protectors and aluminum shoulder inserts, you give up none of the protection or style of the original Super Speed Textile, yet you gain the increased ability to utilize the jacket in a variety of climatic conditions.

Dainese Super Speed D-Dry Jacket Review:

If you are a fan of slick Italian style, solid motorcycle protection, and staying dry in the rain, you should look to indulge in all of those things super-ly with the new Dainese Super Speed D-Dry Textile Jacket.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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