Friday, August 22

Icon 1000 Fairlady: Jacket & Gloves

What is lady-like anyway? Who came up with its “definition?” I know that I sure didn’t, and I would probably assume that you did not, either. If the old movies/etiquette books are anything for us to draw upon, their interpretation of the term seems kind of… well... boring. Icon’s view, however, has a little more kick!

Icon 1000 Fairlady Motorcycle HelmetWith the new Icon 1000 Fairlady Jacket there is no compromising between style, comfort, and bad-ass moto functionality in its select grain leather chassis. This jacket is solid and weighty, some of which comes from the 1.1-1.3mm leather, but even more that can be measured in attitude! Though it is cut in a way that is flattering to more feminine lines than a standard men’s jacket, there was no scaling back or reduction in protective qualities, as the Fairlady ships with a full armament of D3O protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back. Combine that with laser perforated venting, a removable SatinCore vest liner, multiple adjustment straps, and a numbered identification plaque, and the take-charge ethos of this jacket can be seen, read, and heard loud and clear.

Icon 1000 Fairlady Jacket Review:

Icon 1000 Fairlady Motorcycle GlovesTaking the same mentality and putting it towards hand coverage, the Icon 1000 Fairlady Gloves further extend the reach of the Fairlady line, both figuratively and literally. Stealthed out from top to bottom, they are a nice complement to Fairlady Jacket or a solid piece on their own. As a full-gauntlet glove constructed of French cowhide, everything from the custom-molded knuckles to the extensive use of laser detailing for premium aesthetics has been thought out well. With a TPU plate for protection and integrated flex zones, with a floating knuckle construction, this glove combines comfort and moto-specific functionality in a full-gauntlet option that has been specifically designed for the ergonomics of female hands.

Icon 1000 Fairlady Gloves Review:

Are you a lady? Are you like yourself? Then it seems to me that no matter what your outward-facing style/behavior, you are ladylike. If by chance you also happen to be a lady who likes to ride motorcycles, and if you are still reading at this point, it seems like that is a safe bet. So check out the new Icon Fairlady series!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride.

- Juice
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