Friday, August 22

Icon 1000 Hood Jacket: The Dark Side

Not everyone is butterflies and sunflowers. Some of the world is dark. Some of the world likes the places just beyond the furthest reaches of light. It’s an attitude, a way of life. It doesn’t mean they are bad or unscrupulous (although it is certainly a possibility!), it just means that they are the type to keep themselves concealed, happy to ride their own line regardless of what the rest of the pack might do. The Icon 1000 Hood Jacket is designed for these people.

Icon 1000 Hood Motorcycle JacketBuilt out of a heavy, sturdy, 1.1-1.3mm Select Grain leather chassis with large front concealment pockets and mechanical articulation paneling, this jacket is certainly on the “Not Messing Around Crew” (if you haven’t seen The Town, please go watch it now). Also included in the jacket are a full set of D3O armor for the shoulders, elbows and back, as well as a removable, insulated SatinCore liner that will work to keep you warmer longer into the colder months. Icon has also paid attention to the details here and it can be seen in the tactical black-oxide metal zippers, laser perforation for venting, and the numbered identification plaque that comes on every garment. Hmm, what else… it seems like there is something… oh yeah!... the hood. It is removable, leather, and it is the ultimate concealer of your inner … well … hoodlum!

Icon 1000 Hood Jacket Review:

For roughneck riding and wide-open individualism, few can compare with the Icon lineup of motorcycle gear. If you identify with that style, then the new Icon 1000 Hood Jacket may well be something for you to check out.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride.

- Juice
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