Friday, August 22

Icon Hypersport Pro Short & Long Gloves: All About Hands

It’s all in the hands. You can not operate a motorcycle without them. Using them properly makes all the difference in the world. Why not protect them accordingly?

Icon Hypersport Pro Short Motorcycle GlovesThe Icon Hypersport Short Gloves are a great option for street riders who are looking to maximize their abilities to navigate the open roads. With a French cowhide  outer and kangaroo leather palm, you get the best combination of impact facing protection while also retaining the superb tactile abilities throughout the grip. With this feature, generally saved for the purpose-built track gloves, you get the best of the racing world in a shot-cuff glove that will increase comfort on the street. At the same time, Icon has included BattleHide goatskin strategically throughout the palm of the Hypersport Pro Short so as to reinforce the kangaroo leather and increase durability over time.

Icon Hypersport Short Gloves Review:

Icon Hypersport Pro Long Motorcycle GlovesWith all of the same features as the short gloves, the Icon Hypersport Long Gloves step it up a notch and come ready for the track… or the street if that is what you prefer. As with the short gloves, these make use of TPU/Polycarb knuckle plates and TPU finger plates for protection, yet the longer option affords the ability to include a wraparound TPU wrist plate in the extended construction. Additional features for comfort in the Hypersport Pro Long Gloves can be found in the floating knuckle, articulated fingers, and out-seam finger construction.

Icon Hypersport Long Gloves Review:

With so much riding on the functionality of your hands, it only makes sense to go with an option that allows them to do their work as good as possible… while also protecting them should something happen. To that end, Icon has two solid options with the new Hypersport Pro Short and Pro Long gloves.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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