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Icon Overlord Boots & Gloves: Stay Cool

Hot weather riding calls for some hot weather gear. If you have ever sat in traffic on a summer day with non-ventilated gear, things can get pretty sloppy pretty quick. From your hands to your feet you will be soaked. Thanks to the often agonizing traffic patterns and muggy summers here in Philadelphia, this is something of which I speak with experience. With that in mind, Icon has developed a few things to assist in the comfort of our daily summer commutes.
Icon Overlord Motorcycle Boots
Starting with the feet, the new Icon Overlord Boots offer a mean looking leather chassis that has been augmented with mesh paneling throughout. This is huge in allowing air to get to your feet and keep you cool. The mesh panels on these boots are serious too. They move a lot of air. However, let’s remember that we are on a motorcycle here. Comfort is important, but so is protection. To that end Icon has also been sure to include TPU injection plates at the shin, heel, and ankle as well as an axialmetric steel shank for increased stiffness. In case there was any doubt, these boots have attained a CE-Certification for safety.
Icon Women's Overlord Motocycle Boots

Now anyone who has ever paid attention is well-aware that there are some stark differences between the standard foot of a man and that of a woman. Dudes feet just tend to be larger, wider, and with a thicker heel. To allow for the best possible fitment for all riders, the Icon Women’s Overlord Boots have also been released and they are specifically designed for the ergonomics of female riders, yet with all of the same features and comfort as the Men’s version.

Icon Overlord Boots Review:

Icon Overlord Mesh Motorcycle GlovesOn the other end of our extremities are the hands. These are essential in motorcycling, quite obviously. To keep them operating at their best in the heat, the Icon Overlord Mesh Gloves work very well at moving a ton of air throughout. Constructed of molded neoprene, sublimated micromesh, and 3D airmesh throughout the fingers/thumb, these are a very lightweight choice for low-speed street riding. Light protection is available through the TPR hard knuckles while pre-curved fingers and articulated finger gussets work in tandem to increase comfort.

Icon Women's Overlord Mesh Motorcycle Gloves

As with the boots, the Icon Women’s Overlord Mesh Gloves are built to the same specifications as the Men’s version, just with the female rider in mind. Generally slimmer than the Men’s options, these are a great choice for women riders who are searching for something that is designed with moto-specific functionality, yet will keep their hands cooler than a full-leather glove.

Icon Overlord Mesh Gloves Review:

Riding a motorcycle gets pretty warm. It is us and the elements. That is what makes it so fun. To keep yourself cool and reduce sweating while out in the summer, check out the new line of Overlord gloves and boots from Icon.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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