Monday, September 1

REV'IT! Boxxer H2O Gloves: Give Cold an Uppercut!

Fall is a beautiful time of year: the leaves are changing colors, football has started again, and the temperatures are pleasant. As beautiful as this time of year is, however, it can also be treacherous at the same time. Those beautiful leaves become a thick slippery mess in the middle of your favorite turn, and even a little light rain can bring a deep chill to your body. Luckily, the new REV’IT! Boxxer H2O Gloves help you provide that knock out punch to the cold.
REV'IT! Boxxer H2O Motorcycle Gloves
For three-season cold-weather use, the Boxxer gloves deliver a nice 1-2 punch. Hard knuckle protection gives you some added security, in case the worst should happen. Connect fingertips let you use your electronic devices without having to expose your hands to look up where you are or send that selfie update of your trip. And a Tri-fleece lining will keep your hands comfortable and warm inside the goatskin and suede leather chassis.

REV'IT! Boxxer H2O Gloves Review:

Cold weather is a motorcyclist’s worst enemy. It can quickly turn our two-wheeled adventures into a two-wheeled survival game (or turn us into cagers). If you don’t want to give in, then suit up, strap on the new Boxxer H2O gloves and give cold weather an uppercut!

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