Monday, September 1

REV'IT! Safeway Belt: Making Connections

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Batman has a pretty dope belt. It has a bunch of gadgets that protect the caped crusader. REV'IT's new Safeway Belt doesn’t come with a bat-a-rang, but it will offer protection when you're riding your motorcycle through the streets of Gotham.

REV'IT! Safeway Motorcycle BeltRiding with jeans is a bit of a gamble in safety, but you can stack the deck in your favor by using the REV'IT! Safeway Belt. In addition to holding up your pants, the belt provides an 8-inch connection zipper that works directly with REV'IT jackets. The zipper keeps the jacket from rolling up if you were to ever come off your motorcycle. Don't have a REV'IT jacket? No problem! The belt comes with both sides of the connection zipper so you can have a tailor attach one side of the zipper to your favorite motorcycle jacket. Match up a REV'IT Redhook, Flatbush, or Roamer urban leather jacket to the REV'IT Philly, Jersey, or Memphis jeans to get the casual motorcyclist look without the casual level of protection.

REV'IT! Safeway Belt Review:

While you probably won't be riding around on a Batpod, you can still pretend to have a fancy utility belt that does more than just keep your pants at a socially acceptable height. The REV'IT Safeway Belt is missing Batman's grapple gun, but it will still protect you from the mean streets of Gotham.

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