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TCX X-Cube EVO Boots: Comfort and Convenience

Riding around town is great. Fast, convenient, and you get to feel like a boss. Let’s be real… people stop and watch when a cool motorcycle rolls by. However, what stinks about riding through town is when you park and have to walk around like RoboCop the rest of the day, because you don’t have any comfy shoes on hand! Thankfully, the nice folks at TCX have thought about this, too.
TCX X-Cube EVO WP Motorcycle Boots
For those rainy days in the city, the TCX X-Cube EVO WP Boots have been designed in conjunction with the EVO Air option and will do a far better job of keeping your feet dry, because… well… they are waterproof. The WP version of the X-Cube EVO comes with all of the great features of the Air, yet they have also included the proprietary TCX WP lining. When combined with the CE certification for safety and the superior traction afforded by the Michelin sole, this is an all-weather option for the city trekker who has places to go.

TCX X-Cube EVO WP Boots Review:

TCX X-Cube EVO Air Motorcycle Boots

With the all-new and completely redesigned TCX X-Cube EVO Air Boots, you will get all of the functionality that a daily commuter needs, while still retaining light weight and flexible off-bike mobility. What will be most noticeable with the new design is how it better blends in with casual streetwear. With suede leather and Air Tech fabric combined to form the outer shell, these shoes are reinforced through the malleolus, ankle, and external side. Additionally, TCX has incorporated the Michelin Urban Sole as a significant upgrade over previous iterations.

For convenience and simplicity on your daily commute, it really helps to have one set of gear that can handle multiple conditions. While the X-Cube EVO series is not suited for the track or out-of-the-way mountain trails, it is perfectly suited for your local streets both on and off of the bike.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always… enjoy the ride.

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