Wednesday, October 1

TCX X-Square Plus Boots: Redefined

The process of re-defining a product is not easy. It takes a trip back to the drawing board that often requires a truthful look in the mirror and an honest assessment of what is worth keeping, and what has to go. That is exactly what happened with the TCX X-Square Plus Boots.
TCX X-Square Plus Motorcycle Boots
Designed to totally replace the TCX X-Square Boots, the new X-Square Plus has removed all of the hard synthetic leather that came on the original and added bycast leather instead. This allows for a better feel to this robust option that comes to the table at only $99. Aside from the comfort of knowing that it is a well-crafted, CE-certified shoe, you will also get the added benefits of the newly designed Michelin Urban Sole, which takes the best of the tire maker’s vast experience in superior traction and durability, and puts it under your feet.

TCX X-Square Plus Boots Review:

For a sturdy, comfortable, entry-level riding shoe, there are a lot of options on the market. However, the thought, engineering, and far-reaching research behind the TCX X-Square Plus shoes make them a legitimate contender on anyone’s list.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always… enjoy the ride,

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