Saturday, November 1

Dainese Atlantik Gore-Tex Jacket: The Tough Ocean

Tony - Content Coordinator

The Atlantic is a hard ocean. Deep, rough, and not afraid to take a bite out of any who intrude. Sure, the Pacific is bigger… but it’s got that California / Hawaii swagger. Warm waters, easy going. If you want tough… the Atlantic is where it be. Edgy as always, Dainese added a little bit of flair to the naming of one of their newest jackets. Playing off of the Atlantic’s name and rough style, they decided to give it a little twist with the Dainese Atlantik Gore-Tex Jacket.
Dainese Atlantik Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jacket
The Atlantik is a hefty, cold weather option that will work heartily to keep you protected from the elements as they come. Built with polymide Gore-Tex fabric for some of the best waterproofing on the planet, you can ride easy knowing that your body will be able to breathe well while still remaining 100% dry. For impact protection the jacket has Pro Shape removable soft protectors as well as the ability to upgrade into a G1 or G2 back protector if you so choose.

In the end, the cold, hard winter is just about here. If you are looking for a warm, waterproof, and super comfortable jacket to take it on, check out the new Dainese Atlantik.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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