Saturday, November 1

Dainese Rainlong D-Dry Gloves: No Matter Your Style

This is the best season for riding a motorcycle.

Dainese Rainlong D-Dry Motorcycle GlovesThat was the thought that crossed my mind this past weekend on a particularly beautiful fall day. The foliage was just the right shade of burnt orange, fire red and burgundy. The temperature was just on the right side of comfortable, and there were just enough clouds in the sky to justify the weather forecast’s “partly cloudy” description. As I went along an exceptionally smooth and flowing section of road, with the four-legged reflex testers keeping their distance, I did not yearn for summer days gone by, and I could put the approaching snows of winter far away in my mind. Less than 2 hours later, the temperature plummeted and the previously enticing sky turned a menacing shade of grey. This is the weather they had in mind for the new Dainese Rainlong D-Dry gloves.

The name might be a little silly, but these gloves punch way above their price point with the features being offered. In essence the Rainlong gloves are a full gauntlet version of the excellent Clutch D-Dry gloves. That means you get a 3-season cold weather glove with a double wrist closure, an elastic cuff, a visor wipe, and a touchscreen-capable index finger and thumb. The gauntlet closure is flexible enough that it can go over or under the sleeve of a jacket. The mixed construction of textile and suede give great feedback from the controls, and the glove has some natural stretch that helps mask the inherent bulk of a winter glove. The insulation is courtesy of Dexfil padding, and the weather protection is handled by Dainese’s propriety D-Dry membrane. The Rainlong gloves also have a reinforced palm with a thermoplastic knuckle and their construction is certified to the new CE standard.

Dainese Rainlong D-Dry Gloves Review:

When it comes down to it, right now many riders are either getting ready to put their bikes away for the year, or they are gearing up for the winter of riding ahead. Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, the Rainlong gloves are worth the consideration. The features-per-dollar ratio is very enticing, and these gloves can either extend your riding season for a while, or get you through your winter gear shopping a little quicker.

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