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Dainese Mike Leather Jacket: Moto-GQ

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Yup, you are reading that correctly. Dainese went and named their new jacket “Mike.” It’s not something Italian and sexy, or even something powerful and military inspired. They didn’t even get formal and go with “Michael.” Taking the beaten path has never been the Dainese way, and the Dainese Mike Leather Jacket is no exception; both in nomenclature and in construction.

Dainese Mike Leather Motorcycle JacketIf you want a jacket that looks as good off the bike as it does on, then the Mike deserves some serious consideration. Jeeze, just saying the name makes me think we’re already friends! This jacket is going to be a part of Dainese’s City Collection, so it does lack a bit of on the bike protection. If you go with the Mike, you’re definitely trading a CE rating for a GQ rating. However it does have Dainese’s thinner Proshape armor in the shoulder and elbow, and adding the Manis back protector could make it decently ride worthy. Dainese did a great job keeping their demon logo to a minimum (as cool as it is) so you won’t feel like a walking billboard as you and Mike go on your adventures together. Keep in mind that you don’t have any additional liners here, so if you did want to rock this on the bike, your season may be limited.

Dainese Mike Leather Jacket Review:

Dainese Women's Mike Leather Motorcycle Jacket

For the female rider looking to snag the same refined style, the Dainese Women's Mike Leather Jacket is also available. With all of the great features as the Men's version, the Women's jacket is cut to better fit a more feminine line.

If the Mike leather jacket appeals to you, chances are you know it right away. You’re the rider who wants a motorcycle jacket that you can wear on the ride to the bar, and then wear into that bar without looking like a Power Ranger. If that sounds like you, then you and Mike may just strike up a beautiful friendship.

- The Manskies

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