Saturday, November 1

Dainese New Drake Super Air Pants: Stay Cool

It may not seem like it now, but before we know it hot summer days will be upon us once again, and riders will be looking for quality hot-weather summer pants. Dainese recognized that the New Drake Air pants do not have a true hot-weather, mesh construction summer pant companion, and so they just released the Drake Super Air pants.

Dainese Drake Super Air Motorcycle PantsThis is another case of a Dainese product doing exactly what is written on the packaging. The Dainese Drake Super Air pants combine Boomerang Mesh with the textile chassis of the New Drake Air pants to create a true summer riding pant. The Drake Super Air pants slot neatly into Dainese’s product line right below the New Drake Air pants, and just above Dainese’s denim and canvas casual riding pants.  In terms of protection, the Drake Super Air pants use proprietary Dainese Quickdry Fabric at the impact areas, and composite CE-rated knee armor. To get a proper fit, there are Velcro adjusters at the waist, and an accordion stretch panel at the back of the pants. The Drake Super Air pants incorporate reflectivity at the calves and at the back of the pants, in addition to an available Hi-Viz colorway.

Dainese Drake Super Air Pants Review:

The only jeers when reviewing these pants were with the non-removable mesh liner, and the lack of hip armor pockets. Taking into account the temperature range these pants are meant to be used in, it would be nice to remove the mesh and throw it in the wash every once and a while. Also on the topic of hot weather, there is fleece at the waist to keep the pants from scratching, but that fleece will feel warm on hot days.

Besides these nitpicks, it’s nice to see Dainese noticed the gap in their product line, and created a pair of pants to satisfy the need for a hot-weather mesh option. It seems like Dainese is expecting a short winter based on the release date of these pants, and we are similarly optimistic in waiting for the hot days to come back.

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