Monday, January 5

AGV Sport Jackets: Go Your Way

Tony - Content Coordinator

It was an invention that changed the world. Imagine it, for thousands of years you just had to sort of know what direction you were going, then, one day the compass was there to remove all doubt. No matter who you want to attribute its invention to, the fact is, that knowing where you are going is kind of a bid deal.
AGV Sport Compass Motorcycle Jacket
The AGV Sport Compass Jacket is a piece of gear that understands that exactly. Constructed of a waxed cotton canvas and 0.9mm buffalo leather combination, the jacket is a great combination of textile technicality and old-essence leather style. Additional features include removable CE protectors at the shoulders and elbow, as well as fixed micro mesh lining throughout the torso, with silk lining down the sleeves for maximum comfort. From the YKK zippers to the double stitching for increased tear resistance, the Compass knows its way.

AGV Sport Nomad Camo Motorcycle JacketConversely, there is also something to be said about just going, limited direction, and no set destination. That is kind of rad too, and is the ethos behind the AGV Sport Nomad Camo Jacket. With a very similar construction to the Compass, the Nomad features a Black/Camo pattern throughout and is reserved the motorcyclists among us who unapologetically go their own direction.

To be direct in one’s course, or to wander a bit in between? It’s a tough question. Either way, AGV Sport has you covered.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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