Monday, January 5

Forcefield Pro Shirts: Protect Yourself!

Tony - Content Coordinator

So, it’s January… which means it is almost February… which means it is almost Valentine’s Day. Ugh, all this lovey-dovey stuff. Who needs it! Ya gotta protect your heart, and for that matter, if you are a motorcyclist, you should probably look to protect the rest of your body as well. Fortunately, Forcefield is here to help keep you from feeling the pain with their new Spring 2015 lineup.

Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V
The Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V is the newest iteration of their super popular, base layer/moto-armor mixture. The great thing about this piece, aside from coming with the industry leading Forcefield armor (CE-Level 1 in the elbows, shoulders, and chest / CE-Level 2 for the back), is that it is so simple to use. Constructed from the antibacterial BeCool fabric with EVO Vent Zones for heat and moisture management, it is a machine washable option that keeps you armored up for long days in the saddle.
Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V-S
If a shorter sleeve option is more your style, the Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V-S is another option that is available. It is the same exact shirt, just minus the long sleeves and elbow protectors. Best used for really warm weather, or if you prefer a separate set of elbow add-ons, this is a phenomenal  choice for riders of every ilk.

Look, we all love our motorcycles. That is why we do what we do. However, it is highly important to protect ourselves to the best of our abilities while out on the road, and hopefully do so comfortably. That is Forcefield’s specialty, and they have a long track record of achieving that at a high level.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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