Monday, January 5

Sidi Black Rain Boots: Trek Well

Tony - Content Coordinator

Johnny Cash knew what he was doing. There is just something about an all black outfit that kicks serious ass. The new Sidi Black Rain Boots get it, and bring the concept to the ADV/Sport Touring world for us all to enjoy.

Sidi Black Rain Motorcycle BootsBuilt with a waterproof barrier encapsulated within the Technomicro base material, these boots are set to offer a relatively light, moderately priced, all-weather boot to riders who want to ride through the elements. From the internal/external ankle protector caps, to the DuPont polymer toe shift pad, Sidi has paid exceptional attention to detail throughout in their attempt to produce an accessible, durable, and highly functional boot for almost any road condition.

Styled to be subtle, non-flashy, and all business, the Sidi Black Rain Boots are a solid option for motorcyclists who want to log many hours in the saddle and miles on the road.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,


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