Monday, January 5

Sidi Roarr Boots: Let it Out!

Tony - Content Coordinator

Sometimes in life ya’ just gotta be loud. Keeping it in all the time can be dangerous. You’re liable to just explode. Sidi gets it, and, for those of us who like to get our release via two wheels, open roads, and a little bit of speed, the new Sidi Roarr Boots are here to help.

Sidi Roarr Motorcycle BootsBlended for use both on the track and the street, these boots combine comfort, protection, and style in the uniquely Sidi way. From the Technomicro base material from which they are constructed, to the Teflon mesh interior that works wonders in the evaporation of sweat, all of the great features of the Roarr boot have been expertly designed for the riders who just need to let it out and go! Additional features include a shock absorbing TPU heel cup, double stitched reinforcements in high-stress areas, and the patented vertebra system that works to protect the achilles from unpleasant situations.

So, as Spring 2015 rolls around and the new riding season comes upon us, release some of that built up winter frustration, and let yourself Roarrrrrrrr!

- Juice

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