Wednesday, January 14

HJC Graphics: Blur, Show Boat, & Rose

Tony - Content Coordinator

The new spring riding season is almost upon us. As such, for many riders, it is time to start thinking about re-gearing up for the new year, or, perhaps for the first time altogether. With that being the case, HJC has just release a few graphical updates to some of their favorite helmet models.
HJC IS-17 Blur Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC IS-17 Blur will hit the market early in 2015 as a stylized upgrade to one of the most popular helmets in the industry. The IS-17 is a serious example of a truly high bang-for-your-buck factor. Priced at as an entry-level option, it comes with features that are usually reserved for a much higher price point. From the 3-position internal sun visor, to the Pinlock ready faceshield, there is a lot to get on board with when it comes to the IS-17 Blur Helmet.

HJC CL-Ironclad Show Boat Motorcycle HelmetFor riders looking to feel a little more of that spring air around their lid, the HJC CL-Ironclad Show Boat Helmet is on its way as well. Aggressively styled, lightweight in construction, and aerodynamically crafted to reduce lift, the Ironclad is a special choice. In adding in the Showboat graphic for a high-energy, ready-to-roll style, this is a helmet for the rebel rider in us all.

HJC CL-Ironclad Rose Motorcycle HelmetDesigned for the female rider who is not interested in the bright pinks and purples that some other helmet options so prominently display, the HJC CL-Ironclad Rose helmet subtly incorporates a bit of femininity into a solid half helmet for serious bikers. From the dial comfort adjustment mechanism to the specially fitted ear pockets that will allow for the incorporation of communicator speakers, the Ironclad is ready to go for spring 2015.

Riding season is almost here! The excitement is tangible. As it gets closer, keep in mind the newest lineup of HJC helmets for value, protection, and style.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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