Wednesday, January 14

HJC RPHA 10 Pro Graphics: Elsworth & Cypher

Tony - Content Coordinator

Getting the most out of your time at the track is key. Like a day out on the golf course, it isn’t a cheap hobby. Finding the right tool for the job, and the best style to reflect your inner MotoGP superstar is even more important when time, comfort, and the necessity for efficient utility are at a premium.
HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Motorcycle Helmet
The HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Helmet is one of the newest graphical additions to the hugely popular RPHA 10 series. Designed for the track, built to fit superiorly for an aggressive riding style, and equipped with a plethora of high-end features, it is not hard to see how the RPHA 10 Pro has made such an impact on the industry. From the Rapid Fire II shield replacement system for quick alterations, to the SilverCool Plus interior for comfort and longevity, the blazing Elsworth graphic sits atop a truly investment-worthy lid from HJC.

HJC RPHA 10 Pro Cypher Motorcycle HelmetFor an additional graphical option, the HJC RPHA 10 Pro Cypher was also recently released as well. When this bad boy is thrown on and buckled down, there is no mistaking its intent. Fast, aggressive, and ready to roar away from the starting grid, the Cypher takes all of the great features of the RPHA 10 Pro helmet from HJC, and adds its own bit of attitude.

As the 2015 fast approaches, check out two helmets that are built to go faster with the newest additions to the HJC RPHA 10 Pro graphics.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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